Why India Now? How India is Poised to Benefit From the US-China Trade War

By: Lorig Stepanian | Be the First to Comment

KBK Capital Management a SumZero Cap Intro member weighs in on the investment environment in India, touching on how recently elected Prime Minister Narendra Modi's policies will impact the Indian markets and valuations.

The Q&A also discusses why the geopolitical environment resulting from the US-China trade war has enhanced India's relationship with the US, stressing that the Indian government should work to nurture this relationship and others moving forward while implementing policies and incentives that encourage foreign entities to invest in the country.

About KBK Capital Management
KBK’s India strategy is designed to take advantage of India’s compelling secular growth profile by utilizing a distinctive top-down investment approach that incorporates macroeconomic trends with quantitative stock selection. The process generates alpha by allocating to those stocks believed most likely to outperform given the current stage of the business cycle. The fund’s risk level is actively managed by utilizing both long and short stock and currency futures to maximize returns while maintaining the fund’s risk budget.


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