Sea Ltd. Poised for Growth in a Surging Internet Economy

By: KS Anthony | Published: November 12, 2019 | Be the First to Comment

Pagan Research

Sea Ltd, Singapore-based digital conglomerate has gone from strength to strength in 2019, making waves across the professional investor community and triggering a spate of research on SumZero in recent months.

With expanding portfolios in both gaming and e-commerce, Sea Ltd has assembled a strategic position in the region's internet economy. Over the last year, major investors like Tiger Global and Sachem Head have initiated positions in the name and with Q3 earnings - reported earlier today - all signs point to massive sector growth over the next twelve months.

While Garena, Sea's gaming subsidiary and publisher of top-sellers like Call of Duty: Mobile and League of Legends, has been a boon for the firm's recent success, it is Shopee that will carry the torch in 2020, according to many. Shopee is the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and saw over 260% YoY revenue growth this year.

Lastly, these cash cow entities are fully integrated with Sea's digital payments provider, AirPay, further bolstering firm-wide revenues and cutting a dominant silhouette in the online consumer & entertainment marketplace.

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