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  • U-Haul: In it for the Long Haul

    Published: February 13, 2017

    It is pretty rare to drive somewhere and not spot at least one of Amerco’s (NASDAQ:UHAL) U-Haul trucks on the road. Stephen Saroki, an experienced analyst who is launching a long/short equity fund Anaxi Capital, believes the company’s competitive advantage coupled with its lack of coverage on the...

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  • This Stock is Skyrocketing After the Election

    Published: December 06, 2016

    Aerojet Rocketdyne Holdings (AJRD:US) is a little-known company heavily involved in the rocket industry. Eric DeLamarter, portfolio manager at Half Moon Capital, believes AJRD is a hidden gem offering large upside with relatively little risk. Poor investor relations have scared the public awa...

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  • How Hertz Became the Perfect Contrarian Short in 2014

    Published: June 18, 2015

    SumZero’s Factset Best Short contest just happened to coincide with Carl Icahn announcing his 8% stake and activist intentions for Hertz. I’d been researching Hertz and using the short off and on since late 2013, depending on the price and recent developments. Icahn’s disclosure shot the stock in...

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  • Top Ex-US Case Study: Fiat's Long-term Turnaround Story

    Published: May 29, 2014

    While Fiat, as all other global automakers, operates in abysmal Europe, Fiat-Chrysler is actually less exposed to Europe (as a percent of company revenue) than is Ford. And while Fiat is headquartered in Italy, where the government appears increasingly likely to default in the absence of debt mon...

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  • GM Bull Pitch Targets China Growth and New Trucks

    Published: October 22, 2012

    GM has been at a competitive disadvantage over the last several years given the company’s stale product portfolio among its most profitable platform, full-size trucks. The redesigned full-size trucks, the K2XX platform, could cause production volumes to grow by ~10% in 2013.

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  • Update: Shares of Porsche Automobil Are an Easy Double

    Published: September 19, 2012

    As predicted, Judge Stefan Puhle did a service to equity markets by throwing out the ridiculous short-selling lawsuits. Shares of Porsche have re-rated to 46 EUR still trading at a massive discount to 76 EUR tangible book comprised simply of 150mm VOW GR shares worth 20.2B EUR today, and 3B in ne...

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  • Asbahi: "Student Transportation Is Robbing Peter to Pay Paul"

    Published: July 26, 2012

    Student Transportation (Nasdaq: STB) is using the guise of helping bus children to school to operate a financing scheme by raising money from Peter to pay Paul. This scheme is highly dependent on paying an illusory fixed monthly dividend to existing investors by issuing stock and bonds to new inv...

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  • Porsche Is a High-Quality, Special Situation Opportunity

    Published: July 02, 2012

    Following the sale of Porsche AG, PAH3 turns into a highly levered, easily modeled, perpetual call option on Volkswagen which I view as being attractively priced at only 3.08x trailing PE, 2.7% dividend yield and with the enlarged company being the strongest automobile manufacturer in the world c...

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  • Featured Call: Short Shares of Tesla (Nasdaq: TSLA)

    Published: May 03, 2012

    Analyst consensus opinion is that Tesla will achieve near-flawless Model S production, meet or exceed sales targets in 2012 and 2013, and pave the way for the introduction of new models like the X and Gen 3 sedan. The company faces significant challenges in order to execute this strategy successf...

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  • Going Long on Spirit Airlines

    Published: September 11, 2012

    Spirit Airlines (Nasdaq: SAVE)<strong>
    </strong>Recommended Action:<strong> LONG
    </strong>Current Price: $18.22 Target Price: $30.00
    Source: Hedge Fund. Minneapolis, MN.

    Quick Pitch: Spirit Airlines (Nasdaq: SAVE) is an ultra low cost airline with the lowest costs and best margins in the U....

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