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  • Visa is Everything You Want a Stock To Be

    Published: September 06, 2016

    Dan Chen has been a professional investor for almost 20 years, and a disciple of Warren Buffett even longer. In his search for permanent value in great companies, nothing catches Chen's eye like Visa (V:US), the world's largest electronic funds transfer company. Though Visa is massive (nearly 200...

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  • Capital One: One of the "Last Remaining Cheap Banks"

    Published: March 13, 2014

    COF was traditionally funded by credit card securitizations, which was a volatile source of funding, but the company reduced its dependency on such funds by becoming a full fledged bank. COF acquired a series of regional banks starting in 2004, and currently securitized debt is only 1/10 the amou...

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  • Massive Secular Tailwinds Drive Big Value in NCR

    Published: March 06, 2014

    I believe there are several catalysts which will allow long-term shareholders to realize value in the stock over the medium term. An improvement in product mix towards high margin software sales should lead to the bottom line outgrowing revenue. Additionally, the company will benefit in the futur...

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