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  • A Bold Refute to Highfields' Short Call on DLR

    Published: May 31, 2013

    At the Ira Sohn Conference earlier this month, Jonathon Jacobson of Highfields Capital Management outlined a short case against Digital Realty Trust (DLR) that was one of the best we had ever heard. Since then (and at the time of this writing), the stock has declined about 9%. DLR is heavily shor...

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  • Special Situation Legal Play on GGP Fixed Income

    Published: August 21, 2012

    This claim of $89.3M (based on Judge Gropper’s ruling) grows at ~$12,850 daily (5.2% current yield), providing a cushion if settlement and recovery takes longer than estimated. While the absolute return on this investment is not heroic, this investment is uncorrelated with the market and presents...

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  • Quick Pitch: Zillow (NYSE: Z) -- Long

    Published: September 11, 2012


    <em>(This is an edited and highly-abbreviated quick pitch pulled from the SumZero community)</em>

    Analyst: Rohit Dewan
    Firm: Olm Capital Management
    Industry: Hedge Fund
    Location: New York, NY

    Recent Price: $29.23
    Target Price: $40.00

    Zillow (NYSE: Z) belongs in a highly diverse categ...

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