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  • Predicting the Descent of Ascent Capital and Monitronics

    Published: September 18, 2015

    Home security business Ascent Capital Group (ASCMA:US) reported 3Q earnings recently, which catalyzed an immediate 22% sell-off in the stock. Cardo Capital, the fund that originated a March 2015 short recommendation on SumZero and sat down with us for a September Q&A on the subject, continues to ...

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  • A Pair of Quick Ideas: General Mills & ADT

    Published: January 02, 2014

    <strong>Long on General Mills (GIS:US)</strong>
    Contributor: Carl Aschenbrenner, Formerly at Stonebridge Capital Management, Inc.
    Current Price: $49.40.
    Target Price: $60.00.
    Expected Return: 21.0%.
    Timeframe: 2+ years.
    Elevator Pitch: Healthy mix of snack foods favored by aging demographic...

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  • ADT's Stock Has Been Orphaned; In Need of New Home

    Published: November 08, 2012

    Being relatively easy to model and owning a unique franchise with an established reputation, ADT has multiple paths to reach increased value via achievable rev. growth from the existing subscriber base and B/S recapitalization. Currently, this orphaned equity is likely mispriced due to unclear pl...

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